Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: New Dark Magician Support

The classic monster with others have gotten many new cards so why not one with the old mate spellcaster. Providing new ways you use old and somewhat fresh, this is one more case for an archetype to remain competitive in the meta.



Dark Magician X3

Illusion of Chaos X3

Timaeus the Dragon of Destiny X3

Red Eye’s Black Dragon

Dark Magician Girl

Magician’s Rod X2


Magician’s Souls X3

Apprentice Illusion Magician

Magician of Dark Illusion

Ash Blossom & Ghost Ogre



Messenger of Peace

Red-Eyes Fusion

Moon Mirror Shield

Dark Magic Circle X3

Magicalized Fusion

Dark Magic Inheritance

Soul Servant X3

Chaos Form

Magician’s Salvation X2



Eternal Soul X2

Magician Navigation



Extra Deck


Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus – Sky Thunder

Ebon High Magician

Ebon Illusion Magician X2



Predaplant Verte Anaconda

Relinquished Anima

Knightmare Pheonix

Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians

Accesscode Talker



Dark Master of Chaos

Dark Magician the Dragon Knight X2

Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

The Dark Magicians

Quintet Magician




As you could say Dark Magician is the main card these types of decks but this time the Illusion of Chaos and Timaeus the Dragon of Destiny are with three copies each. For the ritual Chaos card drawing a new card to return one alone is good but also for extra discarding effect used in this deck. It’s on the field-effect is for negating although only one Ritual summing card in the deck.

The other is the dragon which can fusion the most useful fusion cards here plus easy special summon. Alongside an overpowered Dragoon summon with Red-Eyes fusion or Verte Anaconda search for fusion cards.

Dark Magician the Dragon Knight protects the biggest weakness of Eternal Soul plus other face-up back row from being destroyed. The Eternal Soul is a weakness once destroyed on the field but once set up with Magician’s Salvation and Dark Magic Circle, you can do much with this deck including XYZ and link monsters. Ebon Illusion does this even further or summons Zeus after to wipe the field.

Hand traps of two Ghost Ogres and Effect Veilers but Magician Navigation and a few over negate monsters very helpful.

Soul Servant is the drawing power but remember to get all your three dark magicians to the graveyard to draw many cards plus one chosen to put on the top of the deck. Magician’s Souls can special summon or draw 2 cards also.




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