Asteroid Bounty Hunter, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

Asteroid Bounty Hunter (2016 video game)

Years ago, when I got CD codes from Steam, Asteroid Bounty Hunter was random for like two bucks if I remember correctly. On the verge of getting more achievements to 33% of games collected, a simple two 2D shooter sounded good. Even though it takes a few hours to beat it, I still have some more laser shooting to obtain it all. With a silly story and projectiles always moving, you could also appreciate how it looks.

In space, you either shoot incoming rocks or a few key ‘Guardian’ enemies do get repetitive. Although the real use of this is to play it on a second screen as the difficulty was easy mostly playing on medium modes. This leads to the boss battles being the most competitive out of the whole thing. I normally don’t play these sorts of things but there might be even more challenging ones to get based on experiencing this.

Sound effects and tunes groovy on a low level was nice. The upgrades system could have been way better and that is about it in my commentary. I would recommend it to only kill very bad time as it is highly unrememberable. I will have an 8 minute Easy Boss Battle video up on YouTube now as well. Once you learn the pattern of each particular scrolling towards you. Anyone could do what I have done defeating another simulation.


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