Join Me #Sonnet #Poetry

A sonnet written by Lee Sonogan | Code Poet

To join in the industrial revolution, you needed to open a factory; in the Internet revolution, you need to open a laptop. – Alexis Ohanian

A place to come down from your cadent perch,

Velcro strap pulled opened from the tight hinge,

Hecklers brought on stage by the symposiarch,

Such as the show Kill Tony to infringe.

Entrench ensconce mooring this harbourage,

Prox to stop any haemorrhage bleeding,

Each freight container with risk arbitrage,

Forgather constellate interceding.

The least I could do turtleneck collar,

One day It shall show how I can know you,

You’re welcome, and here’s a fair dollar,

Collector of internal revenue!

My Patron if who really likes me,

For now, take bequeath skeleton key.

There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone’s spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that’s beautiful to me. – Liv Tyler

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