Alien Ant Farm #Tanka #Poetry

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

HD wallpaper: alien, alien-ant-farm, alternative, grunge, nu-metal, punk |  Wallpaper Flare

To get to know someone so different from myself as an octopus, and to know that the individual recognised me and even enjoyed my company, was an enormous privilege. The octopuses I came to know were strong but gentle, and the suction of their suckers tasting my skin pulled me like an alien’s kiss. – Sy Montgomery

Formicarium hive,

Demesne pismires hillock,

Goose step prospective,

We’re the same up for spatchcock,

Exemplar recollective.

An individual ant, even though it has a brain about a millionth of a size of a human being’s, can learn a maze; the kind we use is a simple rat maze in a laboratory. They can learn it about one-half as fast as a rat. – E. O. Wilson

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