Hair Of The Dog #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

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My problem as a writer, using words, is to dispel the illusions of language while employing one of the languages that generates them. I can succeed only on the principle of a hair of the dog that bit you. – Author: Alan W. Watts

Familiar bruised shot in the arm,

Finding natural immunity towards failing antidepressants,

Either you are stuck in a bad mood or have the hangover remedy,

The impetus can also be more than the ethanol alcoholic spirit.

Some say its a matter of ventilation,

Finely tested experiences of durability,

Always considering the saying practise what you preach,

Only you in your heart will know if you truly did something wrong.

By extension, strained follicles do not always mix from head to toe,

To neutralize rest could be one hundred times different being told,

Acknowledgement self-sufficient when stolen,

That’s when I don’t mind direct positive reflection as all supporting parties can move on.

Hair of the dog and to keep me company I made a drink. Author: James Kirkwood Jr.

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