Roads Of Infinitude #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

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Our decisions about transportation determine much more than where roads or bridges or tunnels or rail lines will be built. They determine the connections and barriers that people will encounter in their daily lives – and thus how hard or easy it will be for people to get where they need and want to go. – Elijah Cummings

Accused of living like someone homeless?

Questioning how well-spoken too a competent communicator,

Opposites of destruction in my prime against the fear of death,

Undertaking perceptual flaws still in other’s paths of infamy.

Tabula rasa shares my blank slate,

Pneuma is not stoic if willing to remember and listen,

Same sensational conversations projecting insecurities,

Let me tell you everything you need to understand,

Eventually at my pace, as it is nothing up close as too personal.

To have circumscription without the bullshit limits,

Respecting compromise in the forms of a diplomat,

Dissecting only what must be done now,

I am sick of all the bullshit mustered, too always continue; you must be brave.

Your only identity is I AM undefined and infinite. Any label you give yourself limits yourself. – Deepak Chopra

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