Dramaless Jab #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

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“The world is a more engaging and less dramatic place than writers ever give it credit for being” ― Richard Ford, The Sportswriter

Having that concern of putting something unknown in my body,

But biding my time to describe why I am getting it tomorrow,

I read the lacking overlaying study by Ppfizer last year,

From Joe Rogan’s even better ‘Horse Dewormer’, to more stuff modern.

Ivermectin won the (2015) Nobel prize in this field, 

Prescribed by a doctor giving you options to look up,

If you are compelled to get the shot and tracked,

These organisations ain’t worth your time so compete with me in getting a job.

Realistically the 99 percent survival chance from covid equals lesser risky research now,

My preferences in doing this should not matter to you,

Maybe these pharmaceutical companies competing will become a distraction again,

Really who cares about the debate surrounding people’s personal choices all the time?

Too many people hold a very narrow view of what motivates us. They believe that the only way to get us moving is with the jab of a stick or the promise of a carrot. But if you look at over 50 years of research on motivation, or simply scrutinize your own behavior, it’s pretty clear human beings are more complicated than that. – Daniel H. Pink

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