JOKER’S TRICKS – 2 HUNDRED 6 (#SixWordStory #SuddenFiction #FlashPrompt)

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

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I remember when Heath Ledger talked about playing the Joker… I always used to look out of the side of my eye, going, ‘Yeah, actors.’ But there really is a darkness when you are playing someone psychotic – you have to go there mentally. – Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Jape pantaloon wile mirage jape humorist

Joker: How ’bout a magic trick? [he slams a pencil into the table, point first] I’m gonna make this pencil disappear.[Gambol’s henchman tries to attack him; in one swift motion the Joker then slams the man’s head into the pencil, forcing the entire pencil through his eye socket; the man falls over dead] Joker: Ta-daa! [looks at where the pencil was with mock surprise] It’s…it’s gone! Oh, and by the way, the suit? It wasn’t cheap. You ought to know, you bought it.

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