Customs Of Protests #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

Former ESPN NBA reporter criticized for hypocritical tweets about George  Floyd protests | Sporting News

We become aware, however, that all customs, even the hardest, grow pleasanter and milder with time, and that the severest way of life may become a habit and therefore a pleasure. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Consuetude rising to a particular duty,

Levies and tariffs causing a lack of trust,

The thing about all of this that gets me,

Why don’t people demonstrate directly where the decision making happens?

In rebellion suspending public transport, the tumult does let the people know,

How it is presented does not do a good job picking up these scattered pieces,

Fighting chaos theory within only the random states,

It’s all deterministic laws already sensitive to initial conditions headstrong!

That habit-changing others not to belong,

Some collateral damage in reaction ever repeating,

Lost causes as poor shapes of creative vision come out of the woodwork,

What is a real organisation that is valued enough so some don’t have to tell you who is wrong?

Poetry, being supremely useless, by its very existence represents a protest against the so-called ‘real world’ of busy-ness and moneymaking, so we must embrace, salute and support our poets. – Tom Hodgkinson

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