An Open Letter To An Anonymous Old Mate III

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

Ooh friend I mean old mate - Simon from the Inbetweeners | Meme Generator

Since I am avoiding Facebook like the plague at the moment, the following letter might take a little longer to get to you. Since our last little chat, there is so much to elaborate on. Although I’ll keep this at the pitch being wholesome and of a rekindle. While ages ago I tried to interview you here but you said you are boring, let me speculate while I do not think that is the case.

First and foremost, thanks for being specific in the difference between unbiased and bias aligned with the credible findings plus etc. It has been a motivating factor in getting me to read all sorts of studies at least two a day. Maybe not as the practical experience you have during your PhD although I’m building something as pragmatic as a writer can possible be. The connecting subjects briefly touched on last spoken are only mere abilities I have in creating a book or massive research paper you can hopefully appreciate with your already pre-existing knowledge.

Not by name I referenced you in the already finished first draft prologue chapter. In some relevant nostalgic descriptive, so don’t worry. About delusion with the association because what I am writing about is the opposite of that. Remembering our youth one on one, you always lead culture relevant resolution talking points I at least always saw on you. I bet if we caught up one time, that conversation would be something worthy of blowing each other’s minds.

Ps – As you can see I am already prepared while containing enough potential collaboration between the both of us.

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