Ten Video Premieres Across Two Channels List!

A list created by Lee Sonogan

Why So Serious? - Joker Typography [1920x1080]: wallpaper

Did you know you can video edit all day only using a computer mouse? From documenting experiences to more technical editing for production value, I have generated a few more moving pictures. Some getting copyrighted by design, I plan to have some of this content eventually go to my Patreon. So when they release in a couple of days, if any interest you, consume while you can. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more specific written about these individual experimentations.

Collecting cards again for other purposes, see if I get any good pull in two out of the ten. Then the Red Dead 2 compilation series finishes with maybe the best ones out of all the rest in the playlists. Three poems on the gaming channel and the other production library. Which includes an extra review from used Spotify audio and an original reading. Finally, the Rust Video is what I’m most proud of also being the longest at 13 minutes.




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