ON AIR #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

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Notes: The following speech of an estimated 3 minutes can be portrayed in a number of ways

Untitled Character (V.O)

Thanks, guys… Yes, we were supposed to do that puff piece on another irrelevant corporate-approved story although our producer has a gun. This is not a joke…

(Pistol shown in shot)

but I am assured to improvise my own lines to cover what we have behind us. What is this crowd surrounding so important to break more than one federal law? Being a hostage for over an hour now, when did def poetry slams stop being cool to quote the television program ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. From my sideline account of protests, maybe I got Stockholm syndrome cause dear viewer, these wordsmiths beat any of tonights reporting.

I bet people are wondering why we have not been cut off yet. The simple answer is someone else at the station is obvious in on it by a few text messages. This is not the way I imagined quitting as my work lies within the framework of similar creativity. In the long run, the man on the street that is already dying ain’t for the big leagues. Against my will, I empathise with the little guy and know you watching plus this figure looming will not kill us spiritually moving forward… I can’t believe this random coincidence is still live…

(Bang! Captor runs and the screen falls to the ground. Scream in the background for a camera held up again)

That guy wanted it to be something viral at the cost of nothing to lose. So let me continue to speculate on my personal experience here. Do not sell yourself too short. Running rhymes is the language of life, as you can see not worth it when you sell your soul to someone else’s reason. As I sign off from the field for the last time, anyone can be a host to a party. Taking the old saying if it bleeds, it leads, shoves that down someone else’s throats. Just by saying this speech proves anyone can have their own show, without losing any touch.




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