Anticipated Brainwashing #auspol – #FreeVerse #Poetry

A free verse written by Lee Sonogan

Freedom Rally: Thousands protest lockdowns in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

Although circumstances may change in the blink of an eye, people change at a slower pace. Even motivated people who welcome change often encounter stumbling blocks that make transformation more complicated than they’d originally anticipated. – Amy Morin

28 Years Later,

Still not greater uses of their freedom,

Governments are up for equal blame,

Does the majority start to wake up to invest in better people?

This is not about a dictatorship,

Kids barely learning from their peers,

Swarming flawed in your meaning,

Can we do better while still giving thoughtful responsibility?

Screens pressing aged vampiric reflection,

Great, more things for people to complain about,

Letting adults play like this…

Guess the confusion of the very young seeing us.

Why is this type of stuff so chaotic first in cities?

The urban organisation is just plain bad.

We human beings were never born to read; we invented reading and then had to teach it to every new generation. Each new reader comes to reading with a ‘fresh’ brain – one that is programmed to speak, see, and think, but not to read. – Maryanne Wolf

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