Joe Dirt, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

(2001) Adventure, Comedy, Drama

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Joe Dirt is a classic white trash trailer dude, that gets lost at the Grand Canyon when he’s a kid. He tells his story of where he is today. A janitor at a radio station. The station ends up broadcasting his story and it ends up getting the listeners interested and becomes famous. This story is very humorous and has a bit of a love story in it. – PredragReviews (IMDB – 7/10)

Can’t believe this is nearly a decade old now as I rewatched this a lot when DVD’s were still a thing. Joe Dirt can become consider just another goofy comedy although even with flaws it might be Spade’s best. Seeing him in sitcoms before, this contains some laughs but less to be desired. You might like the journey of this underdog, then expect over the top randomness at every corner.

Somewhat now having a cult following, the mullet man meets a cast of interesting actors travelling around. There is some short scenes/montages to get you to believe. Contra to a lot of crude/easy gross-out humour moments. I’m harsh on the cheap jabs, concerning the unpredictability it can generate.

Low-brow to a point where you just don’t care enough for the slapstick. I have to give it a barely above average rating because it is not completely broken or in the same lane as other more satisfying films in the genre. Only recommend it to kill time otherwise it is ok to give this a miss if it turns up somewhere.

I watched this movie solely to see Christopher Walken’s cameo and tag line threat. But by accident, gained an appreciation for David Spade who I have never paid much attention to in past. – ArneArdvark (IMDB – 7/10)


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