Pragmatic Apparatus – Ambidexterity as Practice: Individual Ambidexterity Through Paradoxical Practices

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Virtuous Cycles of Ambidexterity | Download Scientific Diagram

Abstract by: Angeliki Papachroni, Loizos Heracleous

Following the turn to practice in organization theory and the emerging interest in the microfoundations of ambidexterity, understanding the role of individuals in realizing ambidexterity approaches becomes crucial. Drawing insights from Greek philosophy on paradoxes, and practice theory on paradoxes and ambidexterity, we propose a view of individual ambidexterity grounded in paradoxical practices. Existing conceptualizations of ambidexterity are largely based on separation strategies. Contrary to this perspective, we argue that individual ambidexterity can be accomplished via paradoxical practices that renegotiate or transcend boundaries of exploration and exploitation. We identify three such paradoxical practices at the individual level that can advance understanding of ambidexterity: engaging in “hybrid tasks,” capitalizing cumulatively on previous learning, and adopting a mindset of seeking synergies between the competing demands of exploration and exploitation.

Publication: The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: Apr 3, 2020 Doi:

Keywords: paradox, individual ambidexterity, exploration, exploitation

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