Event Horizon #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

Scream Factory Announces 'Event Horizon' Blu-ray | HorrorGeekLife

Achievers have an enabling attitude, realism, and a conviction that they themselves were the laboratory of innovation. Their ability to change themselves is central to their success. They have learned to conserve their energy by minimizing the time spent in regret or complaint. Every event is a lesson to them, every person a teacher. – Marilyn Ferguson

Vista escapade,

Ambit coyote ugly estranged,

Purview batch crusade.

A ship’s engine far away on the water expands the summer-night horizon. Both joy and sorrow swell in the dew’s magnifying glass. Without really knowing, we divine; our life has a sister ship, following quietly another route. While the sun blazes behind the islands. – Tomas Transtromer



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