An Open Letter To My Past Self

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

Why Self-Help Might Actually Be Making You Less Happy | GQ

Look at yourself right now! Even if this present example does not seem even remotely possible. Still doing what I was doing over half a decade ago, there is so much that you would have killed to have known like anyone else under the same circumstances. Did you ever expect to self publish more than just something video game-related?

Remembering house parties back in the days allowed, to even times in primary school. Don’t quote me on this but… We were on a field, the whole school and a thing I don’t remember happened to I got all the kids to chant ‘it’s all your fault’ to adult horror. Stuff like that makes me have a good memory. Despite those moments that did live up to now essential predictions.

Alas, you are not forgotten is what matters the most here, the old stories can be at least exaggerated now. Guess what, everything you need is found in that teenage angst search. I might not be able to make a time machine although these messages are as good/satisfying as it gets too only get better. That period had all the stuff faced with adversity which was needed to put all of it together under your past sense lines.

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