The Book Of Eli, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr58min (2010) Action, Adventure, Drama

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Excellent film, the cinematography is on point and I love the colour desaturation. The cast its excellent, the Hughes Brothers did a great job with this one. – Ernesto_Caro (IMDB – 8/10)

With a budget of eighty million, it successfully made back nearly double in profit. The Book of Eli with emphasis on printed text becomes an one of a kind dystopian world kind of film. Not caring about critics saying it’s outdated. This is one of Denzel Washington’s greatest ever roles in pure acting performance. Along with a compelling plot showcasing the civilian (Gary Oldmen), it gets the theological touch.

Meaning that the book in question is actually a Christain Bible and. the antagonist just needs thoughts words to further manipulate the remaining surviving outlaws. Then one keynote about the scenes in this movie is our main character is blind. Not since Daredevil, have you seen something lacking an important sense this cool?

Containing style enough to still make it very rememberable in the mind’s eye, the epic proportions nearly has it all for this hybrid of genres. Then that ending is so fitting to how everything that went down. It reminds you of a similar picture well regarded as ‘The Road’. Overall I highly recommend this and The Road for a realistic portray of post-apocalyptic life.

What a great movie with great actors. Denzel Washington is one of the best actors ever, and he is especially great in this film. A film full of action, emotion and spirituality. The directors of this film have excellently directed the film, truly one of the best films I have watched. Great movie with a good message. – Simon_Says_Movies (IMDB – 10/10)


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