An Open Letter To An Anonymous Old Mate II

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

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I’m gonna write these words that could directly affect you! Having so many ideas to pitch, during the Covid-19 times they might seem tiring although here is some more. Firstly I only ask you because there is a far from few who would really consider. Or trust these prepositions as you would. Just know one of these days something big or small is going to happen if you invest time and effort with me.

Considering what type of loan I could apply for to start a business, let me tell you a potential dream job. Once you said you are a maths guy so imagine if we started our own pawn/op shop. Either lease or find perfect commercial space to collect and distribute efficient products plus services. Ideally, I liked to live near it as well as extra sitting spaces to do potential customer events?

The whole going independent to make the little guy mainstream is what I’m all about. Having a shop like this means no packing required unless. That could be key with you on such a professional plan. As always I am open to any abbreviations within the shared vision. Of a fun working environment that beats the rat race of life. Ensuring the licenses as well, having these stakes based on land is something interesting to me.

PS – This is just a hypothetical, so food for thought

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