Pragmatic Apparatus – Acquiring the Art of Conducting: Deliberate Practice as Part of Professional Learning

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Conducting yourself as a Christian : Free Gift From God

Abstract by Simon Schmidt, Manuel Längler, Amelie Altenbuchner, Louisa Kobl, Hans Gruber

Research was and still is involved in the controversial issue about innate talent or extensive practice as the determinants of excellent performance in a range of domains. This study aims to contribute by presenting an analysis of practice activities in a domain that appears to be particularly suitable—orchestral conducting. Most conductors usually attain expertise in instrument playing prior to commencing conducting studies. Twenty-seven students of German study programs of orchestral conducting (approximately 18.7% of the population) responded to a questionnaire about their practice activities in conducting programs and their instrumental experiences. Descriptive results show the wealth of prestudy experiences conducting students have. A clear influence on practice activities cannot be stated. During study, students rated conducting-specific practice activities as more demanding and devoted more time to them than to general music practice activities. Therefore, conducting-specific practice activities might have been practiced more deliberately than general music practice activities.

Publication: Journal of Advanced Academics (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: Feb 22,2021 Doi:

Keywords: conducting, conservatory, deliberate practice, expertise, professional learning, talent development, university of music (Plenty more sections and references in this article)

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