Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Arcana Knight Deck

Recently opening up a booster box of this set over on YouTube, this deck is medieval Jesters that’s fun and kind of competitive. Mixed with my favourite equip spell monster card, it is an all-rounder if summoning one boss monster at a time.

Deck Arcana Knight Joker (Christmas Request) - YGOPro - YouTube


Slifer The Sky Dragon

Gearfreind Immortal Pheonix X3

Joker Truimpth Knight X2

King’s Knight X2

Queen’s Knight X2

Jack’s Knight X2

Jokers Knight

Imperial Bower X2

Swordsman of Revealing Light

Marmiting Captain




Power of the Guardians X3

Face Card Fusion X2

Reinforcement of the Army

Greater Polymerization

Face Card Fusion X2

Messenger of Peace

Triple Treat Tactics X

Fusion Substitute

Supermagic Sword of Raptinus

Thunder Speed Summon

Instant Fusion

Joker’s Straight X2

White Veil



Joker’s Wild X3

Court of Cards





Arcana Extra Joker

Knightmare Pheonix

Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights



Starliege Paladynamo

Number 41: Baguska

Wind-Up Arsenal Zemaioh

Number 82: Heartlandraco

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUZ – Sky Thunder



Time Wizard of Tomorow

Flame Swordsman

Arcana Knight Joker X2

Gearfried the Magical Steel Knight

Idaten the Conqueror Star

Shura the Combat Star




There are three kinds of Fusion boss cards and support here that could be considered the mains. First is Arcana Knight Joker with Joker’s Wild and Straight recycle the three main lower knights (Epic with Super Polymerization. Gearfried the Magical Steel Knight using either Fusion Substitute or Face Card Fusion from Wild. Then Idaten uses two level 5 monsters to a good attacking effect which also fuses again with another higher warrior monster.

Extraceratops is ideal with summoning Gearfried the Magical Steel Knight a brick with a Power of the Guardian attached.

The second set of main cards is Slifer the Sky Dragon and two Joker Truimpth Knights (Plus destructive second effects). Both gain attack by the number of cards in hand and used with getting all three main lower knights to the field with King’s Knight. The Joker spells and traps with monsters plus Imperial Bower help with that. There is one copy of Thunderspeed Summon to do this in one turn.

Defensive cards include Immortal Phoenix Gearfried and the 5 spell equip cards to summon it. Since three copies, use it for a fusion summon as well. Messenger of Peace and Triple Threat Tactics fit in this category two.

Instant Fusion to wipe the field with Time Wizard or summon the Flame Swords to summon two out the three boss fusion monsters.




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