Molasses By The Wall #Tanka #Poetry

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

Potato and molasses. - Over The Garden Wall Wallpaper (1920x1080) (210402)

If you need to visualize the soul, think of it as a cross between a wolf howl, a photon and a dribble of dark molasses. But what it really is, as near as I can tell, is a packet of information. It’s a program, a piece of hyperspatial software designed explicitly to interface with the Mystery. Not a mystery, mind you – the Mystery. The one that can never be solved. – Tom Robbins

Inveigle wheedle,

Insolvent juice palisade.

Grenadine treacle,

Alpine enchanter’s nightshade,

See what estrange sticks faecal.

Guilt is cancer. Guilt will confine you, torture you, destroy you as an artist. It’s a black wall. It’s a thief. – Dave Grohl

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