A Rant Against Vegan Booty

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Vegan Booty - Australia's WORST VEGAN - YouTube

I have to write my thoughts about this eco-terrorist who gives all chill vegans a bad name. As we do treat animals as lesser animals, Booty’s behaviour treats humans as lesser animals to her own end. A one-person protest machine, there is no bounds she will not cross in ambushing innocent people. Watch the videos below and judge her actions yourself as well.

Learning of her presence by Issac Butterfield’s social commentary, her drama is sickening although entertaining if you like cringe. Taking it too far on more than one occasion, the ad hominems she spews just goes around in circles. I want to say that energy could be used to do so many things. In the direction opposite of this, positive. Things get worse as her key funding method online is an onlyfans account.

That might be a different subject but, she spreads the same talking points as theirs. Thank god other people pay for that type of stuff, so you do not have to. Overall the parrels reflect as double negative and, no one in their right mind would want to be on this individuals team if that is all they got. I got to call this stuff out or, this becomes the mainstream way of thinking in the most holier than thou tone possible.

Look hard enough to see that there are good advocates for these positions out there that can be taken seriously. Honey, your no scientist plus fighting discrimination with discrimination is never going to work. Have more respectful things to say towards more people willing to listen to ya. Anyone with an end of the world vibe does not hold up. To the fair beliefs, people are allowed to have and adapt when needed.




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