Journal Entry 98# 11 YouTube Video Premieres

A Jounal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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What have you been doing the last two weeks? What I got out of it was getting excited to blog once more and forever haha. Wanting to do one thing to then make progress on another, the organisation of my new is going well. There I have already released various original content that I have had in my back pocket. As I sift free stuff in here, expect copyrighted videos or an average post to be turned private towards something a little more.

Changing my writing into automatic audio reads. These are just a few pieces I can do with my collections of footage. Skills to hybrid and adapt to all grow in the right sustainable way. Sick of holding back, I shall push harder into making better choices quicker. There is so much to do although timing in what is next is everything. Let’s do this without any more delays or procrastination.

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