Aspiring Filters #Tanka #Poetry

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

HD wallpaper: new zealand, mount aspiring national park, liverpool hut,  newzealand | Wallpaper Flare

There is always shame in the creation of an expressive work, whether it’s a book or a clay pot. Every artist worries about how they will be seen by others through their work. When you create, you aspire to do justice to yourself, to remake yourself, and there is always the fear that you will expose the very thing that you hoped to transform. – Rachel Cusk

Fervent percolate,

Winnow near parched upheaval,

Pay the exude freight,

Non-charge explosive satchel,

Seeping as a sieve equate.

Every individual’s listening is as unique as his or her fingerprints because we all listen through filters that develop from our personal mix of culture, language, values, beliefs, attitudes, expectations and intentions. That is why one person’s musical taste is another person’s hideous noise. – Julian Treasure

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