ESGs Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

ESG Ratings: How can a business' environmental and social impact be  measured?

Standing for the Environment, what is considered social and government’s role in all-encompassing, how is it related to the business’s around the world? As it is easy as applying non-financial factors to their assets with equity, it identifies risks of their material and plenty of opportunity in growth. As I believe in all three things when it is the economy of the stock market or bonds exchanged. This is where standards and practices get difficult in holding up to what their drawn attention goes. When commerce becomes a form of the socially responsible, there is a line crossed between identity politics while being fully transparent in opportunities of outcomes.

I am for future-proofing laws to greater sustainability but these ideas debated today change a year from year. As normal resources distributed today is barely stable, the implications are merely a collective credit system if corporates want to network exclusive ratings attached to their tribe. A real open-source method of getting this done better if in commercial/industry were less private in their relevant quarterly reports to the public or people invested in the employees as individuals. This way I have concerns that the people in charge are more worried about their choices within insider trading to maintain positions plus hiding behind the perspectives of whatever it means to be fully ESG.

Then leaders in the political battlegrounds would be lazy in this too as these lobbyist concepts become more appealing to bargain for without the real proven solutions. Slapping labels on these complex ideas that provide abstract simplified words unlike probable mixed results out of sight and out of the mind of the average laymen. Overall for those who want to put money into good stuff for the planet, you should back a physical-friendly supply/technology, not one with ties to others likely making tons of your naive funding.

ESGs are good-hearted although limited to the chaotic nature of leaders involved, there is so much more endowment elsewhere that shall better improve your goals regardless of niche interest.

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