Mixed Warning #Tanka #Poetry

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

Recession Warning Signs: How to Know the Economy Is in Trouble

One part puzzle mixed with one part racer with just a dash of art and music just to blend everything together, ‘Dyad’ takes you on a fast-paced trip down a tunnel filled with lights and a shifting list of rules to keep your neurons nimble. – Rob Manuel

Deep-seated insist,

Cohere notification,

Raffle out blacklist,

Suffix notation,

Limp slap on the wrist!

If I start planning then that’s dangerous because then I have a target that I’m blinkered towards and I won’t listen to the warning signs quite so much. I’d rather be in shape and then look around and say there’s a race next week and jump into that than have it planned. – Paula Radcliffe



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