EVERGREEN QUAY – 1 HUNDRED 93 (#SixWordStory #SuddenFiction #FlashPrompt)

A six word story written by Lee Sonogan

HD wallpaper: evergreen forest, drone photography, aerial view, tree,  aerial photography | Wallpaper Flare

The evergreen! How beautiful, how welcome, how wonderful the evergreen! When one thinks of it, how astonishing a variety of nature! In some countries we know that the tree that sheds its leaf is the variety, but that does not make it less amazing, that the same soil and the same sun should nurture plants differing in the first rule and law of their existence. – Jane Austen

Perennial pontoon paramour effulgent egress embayment

In the deserted harbour there is yet water that laps against the quays. In the dark and silent forest, there is a leaf that falls. Behind the polished panelling the white ant eats away the wood. Nothing is ever quiet, except for fools – Alan Paton



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