EuroTrip, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr32min (2004) Comedy

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Eurotrip may have been panned by critics, but most of my millennial friends hold it up as a classic raunch-com. It is truly hilarious. And you can’t help but walk away from watching it while singing “Scotty doesn’t know…” – tarynkstilweil (IMDB8/10)

Americanised adult humour of my teenage years, Eurotrip was not afraid to push limits that shall not be repeated quite like this. The premise of so many real-life travelling stories before it details exaggerations or at least some truths to a fun adventure. We get Matt Damon full-fledged singing at the beginning which sets up a collection of memorable scenes I still remember fondly. Almost a cult following movie, I bet it still holds up to anyone who appreciates comedy pretty unpredictable.

Montages as the transitions of countries taking their place in the timeline. all embrace various traditions and cultures being the point. Usually going terribly wrong, describing those points will not do it justice plus give away the best spoilers. Character-wise there is small personal interest in romanticism in their actions that can come across as either wholesome or pleasures in hedonism. Then the random most cameo characters such as Vinnie Jones are delightful because of their archetypes at one hundred and ten percent.

Overall I find it underrated in comparison to the dated themes it portrays. Still, you could resonate with these kids in the general culture of partying with modern-day cringe awkwardness. I of cause recommend it to yall for a perfect way to kill some time. For a concluding statement, something not forgettable in the 21st century at least so far.

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I enjoy dumb comedies, like “Police Academy” or “Joe’s Apartment”. And this is nothing if not a dumb comedy. -bburns (IMDB – 7/10)


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