Tarred & Feathered #Tanka #Poetry

A Tanka written by Lee Sonogan

Fury as man tarred and feathered - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Honestly, I envy painters, who can have a masterpiece in one morning. Or musicians, who can write something in 30 minutes and arrange it in an hour, sometimes. ‘Cause with this, with writing, you can occasionally feel like a caveman, like you’ve been working with pitch and tar on this brush. – Barry Hannah

Our asphalt jungle,

Decorated public weal,

Vascular bundle,

Habitat domicile,

Fully-fledged in a grumble.

You have heard the story, haven’t you, about the man who was tarred and feathered and carried out of town on a rail? A man in the crowd asked him how he liked it. His reply was that if it was not for the honor of the thing, he would much rather walk. – Abraham Lincoln



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