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An article written by Lee Sonogan

MGTOW: Is The 'Men Going Their Own Way' Potentially Valid?

Standing for Men Going Their Own Way, this battle of the sexes continues although the point is equality by whatever creed of identity you hold. The only good retort trend spawning from Tiktok amongst short videos of people speaking their minds without principles. Man rights are perfectly valid in a so-called civilized society. Full of double standards, know that these social beliefs will have logical flaws. An internet Incel is an excuse for hate, the MGTOW includes women who give me faith in this world in saying their own gender is also a part of the problem.

If that first paragraph resonates with you then the top 21 videos below will blow your mind. The reason I have been single all my life is because generally, people expect too much of others. Their definitions of love seems so artificial compared to real love only a few people in my life have expressed in a descriptive or action-like language of patterns. The culture wars only two dimensional is not enough to wake people up to co-evolution implications everyone needs.

Stuff like this makes me think bluntly that most human beings in every generation have no clue what there talking about. I can laugh and pity these people who are petty enough to believe such things although we all make mistakes. While they just have confirmation bias due to likes, the youthful minded tribes only push this shite. I still believe people will eventually get over these talking points when the young start to take things more seriously.

For a solution it makes me think how the debate is not encouraged one on one everywhere and healthy. You could say gender influences only matter if it directly affects you. So maybe we need mental emotional controls taught as well to prevent them being attachments manifesting later. Overall, not man issues or woman blame, what is the best three and four-dimensional answers to human understanding?

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