Semantic Apparatus – Interacting for Peace: Rethinking Peace Through Interactive Digital Platforms

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Rethinking Peace Studies

Abstract by Yuval Katz

Peace is often studied as a lull in war or as a way to make war inconceivable. In this study, I explore the ability of digital culture to promote a new understanding of peace as a communication concept. Specifically, I analyze small digital platforms devoted to making people care about peace by encouraging them to play, explore, listen, or participate in a variety of activities. Since war is centered around the occupation of spaces and places, I use time and temporality as a theoretical framework for understanding how these interactive digital platforms construct peace in a way that is meaningful to people. In this investigation of a popular meaning of peace, I argue that the epistemology of peace offers a promise for a better future while its ethics is a commitment to remembering the past. The ontology of peace is a lived experience found in daily practices in the present.

Publication: Social Media + Society (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: June 17,2020 Doi:

Keywords: care structures, digital platforms, everyday life, peace, play, time, walkthrough method (Plenty more sections, figures and references)

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