Semantic Apparatus – A Defence of the Cliché

Cited by Lee Sonogan

In Defence of Clichés – The Bookwormery: A Positive Points Blog

Abstract by Adolphe Haberer

A sure thing is that clichés have a bad reputation. Trying to define the cliché as a linguistic or stylistic category, however, leads to all sorts of difficulties, as we seem to be dealing with “matters as imprecise as the shape and size of a cloud or the beginning and end of a wave”. Following the example of Louis MacNeice who once wrote a “Homage to Clichés”, in this paper I will take the defence of the cliché and show that in the terms of a (Lacanian) problematics of the subject’s enunciation it has its own function and significance.

Publication: Journal of English Studies (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: May 2008 DOI:10.18172/jes.125

Keywords: Figurative Language, Lingustics, English Studies (Plenty more sections in downloadable PDF)

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