Internalized Barricade #Haiku #Poem

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

Internalized racism and the white girl | Opinion |

“self-stigma is not a person’s fault; nor is it a part of the person’s illness! If the public did not hold negative and stigmatizing attitudes in the first place, these would never have become internalized, causing people the painful and disabling experience of self-stigma.” ― Patrick W. Corrigan, Challenging the Stigma of Mental Illness: Lessons for Therapists and Advocates

Muffle up impute,

Adoptive peg high profile,

Neoplasm diving suit!

“Business leaders and elite intellectuals recognized that the public had won enough rights so that they can’t be controlled by force, so it would be necessary to turn to control of attitudes and opinions.” – Noam Chomsky

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