Fact Or Fiction? White Fragility

An article written by Lee Sonogan

White Fragility] | C-SPAN.org

Critical Race Theory is an ideology started in academia in the 70s that says racism exists everywhere – in every person and system – and the job of the critical theorist is to assess HOW (not if) racism occurred in any circumstance. Racism is always ASSUMED to have occurred. – Karlyn Borysenko, most dangerous knitter alive

What is white?

Consuming the whole video below, I now have opinions on Critical Race Theory and the woman who brought it into the mainstream. Know that the universities of the world are biased to the observer effect and the peer-reviewed types mostly only in the same field. This book and presentation under this article is an even more extreme idea coming across more like a cult. Reminding me of linguistics hyponymy and hypernymy. Which is a semantic relation between a denoting a subtype and a denoting a supertype.

There are not many people that affect me to disagree at every fundamental level, still, I wanted to believe just one thing she is known for. At every level of her positions is one-sided, blaming one overall theme in ad hominem logical fallacies. After chapter one she does not reference any solid studies. And the ones included like sociology works are not that controlled in credibility. In the more complex plus real issues influencing demographics, there are so much more solutions. Better by the average person than the blanket buzzword terms like this always negative with sarcastic laughter.

Conscious and unconscious, general race relations have drastically improved in the last ten years. Despite writers like this being associated with any kind of diversity that is fairly equal. This is too much to a point being the only time to be bad, an authority narrative also into the concept of negative neo libertarians. Overall as there is fear because these type of people morph language to their will. The majority are not buying it applied in other relevant systems.

Fact or Fiction? Fact for the fragility and there is nothing else to say



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