Equality VS Equity #Haibun #Poetry

A haibun written by Lee Sonogan

International Women's Day 2021 – Equity vs Equality

It will appear evident upon attentive consideration that equality of intellectual and physical advantages is the only sure foundation of liberty, and that such equality may best, and perhaps only, be obtained by a union of interests and cooperation in labor. – Frances Wright

Pure-Play method businesses will exist into the future as long as the individual gives others incentive coefficients upon what we call balance. Their equity has lost its way in its counter reflecting opposition of the special interest of assets. Why do we keep circling back between another diffusion rushing unfastened gushing dissonance? When someone else throwing money at problems does not directly affect you seem irrelevant, guess again! It is already thought about a thousand time over morphing into intersectionality only as bad as describing sociology scholars laughing without instant regret. My closing statement is this non-competence debated lowers the bar when a golden mean egalitarian ordinance is still so far apart within multiple hours.

Sophism undermine,

Amply hormone remedy,

Pancreas endocrine!

The developing world is full of entrepreneurs and visionaries, who with access to education, equity and credit would play a key role in developing the economic situations in their countries. – Muhammad Yunus



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