Outlander, a tv show review (Season 3 & 4)

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

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So what spoils the season is not the actors per se but the management of the time interval by the directors of the show. It is reminiscent of 1950s & 60s special affects, it just looks unreal/unbelievable. – shag00 (Metacritic)

Not mentioning everything I could in this review, I back for season 3 and four. Everything starts to change after the Battle of Culloden and the Jacobite army. The very first episode leads us to the end of Blackjack Randel is an epic fashion to flash-forwards of Clair who went back through the stones. Season 3 then kicks off with new stories alongside a lot of plot development.

We get the child of Jamie and Clair breeding Brianna plus a new love interest and scholar in Roger. Solid origin stories for them both with normal Frank as well building suspense. Go back in time and Jamie is a slave and then he is prisoned. Then in the sixties and Clair investigates if Jamie is really alive. Midway through our stars reunite but their new setting flees Scotland and travels the seas off Jamaica islands.

We get to a point of Gellis who was seen as dead before becoming a deeper villain while also still alive in the sixties before entering the stones. These elements were all right although the quote above with the time intervals got a little weird. As good as season 2 with the last episode detailing plans to settle in the American colonies. Honestly, there is where thing stepped up to the next level.

There right from the bat, we witness the slavery during that time having a cousin/aunty? owning a plantation. Lots of social commentaries there with politics expanding into other areas. We get Cherokee warriors into the tense mix with many brutal scenes. Midway we get Brianna doubling down in following to mother into the unknown with Roger coming second. Then by now, there is plenty of other settler characters leaving on their aches of land (Fraiser’s Ridge).

Such as Murtagh returning from the first two seasons who I love now as an underrated character. There is a side story involving rape, twist and turns (existing plots) impressive but only builds up to season 5 if your up to date, Overall the quality ticking all the boxes in the lastest season and you won’t see me review that until they start unloading 6 this year.

Beautiful first meeting between father and daughter. Happy family reunion, good chemistry mother and daughter between Claire and Brianna. Problem is they shift from one topic to another too fast. The problem is the books are so rich in details, that it is difficult to adapt. But yet wonderful sight. – earths (Metacritic)

Season 3 – 8.15/10 – Season 4 – 8.25/10



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