80/20 Pareto #Haibun #Poetry

A haibun written by Lee Sonogan

The 80/20 Rule as it Applies to ERP Custom Software Development

“20% of management theories are responsible for 80% of results. That’s assuming the Pareto Principle makes the cut.” ― Ryan Lilly

Holding a mirror or jumping over the candlestick, the relationships are unrealistic to expect perfections to be sustainable. But that should not put you off practical theories with percentage altogether because these double digits held in self-actualization has their infecting flaws as well. Why avoid the other half of results also effort to achieve at the expense of the implications of the external? No one speaks about the majority compared to those who follow sides in particular parties, 80 percent of writers are men with females taking the same equally relevant roles in teachers. This identikit to this day justifies tedium closer to frontier boundary success than core universal investigation/barter.

Agitprop serene,

Snug as a bug in a rug,

Narcissist cuisine.

“Doing less is not being lazy. Don’t give in to a culture that values personal sacrifice over personal productivity.” ― Tim Ferriss



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