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An article written by Lee Sonogan

January's Website of the Month: word hippo - Discover English Blog

Showcasing one of my favourite vocabulary resources, my choices of words uncommon all have definitions coming from this place or others. Endorsing it because it is a perfect tool for any writer to pick up fairly easy. Then packed with so many options, you have no excuse in looking for a relevant word or even phrase you are seeking. The general layout and related links complement each other to the point it is able to have a long page listing opportunity from many different meanings that are similar to what you find the key in needing.

Synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, rhymes are some regular engine searches by yours truly. You decide on what plurals, nouns, verbs and tenses fit the best. The software offers translations from other languages in linguistics as well. Overall it is the complete package for free with way more data compared to other websites.

A thesaurus but even greater integrating a lot of stuff that is ever-growing while evolving. Meeting all creative desires, what are you waiting for? Experiment with it now by clicking this link directly https://www.wordhippo.com/. One word there should be enough to generate any relevant project already in someone’s mind!



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