All-Sinew #Haiku #Poem

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

We really doing this huh?šŸ¤£ : Invincible

It’s kind of a language I’ve developed over time that’s basically breaking up the face into components and planes. Inside each plane, I draw gradation marks, and when planes come together, they form sinews, a hairlike weave that’s like a landscape of the face. – Toyin Odutola

Tissue weld brisance,

Beneath the aegis mainstay,

Hefty vim puissance.

Fiction isn’t made by scraping the bones of topicality for the last shreds and sinews, to be processed into mechanically recovered prose. Like journalism, it deals in ideas as well as facts, but also in metaphors, symbols and myths. – Hilary Mantel

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