American Sniper, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2h13min (2014) Action, Biography, Drama

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1st off this movie is NOT a commentary on the War in Iraq or the debate over the merits of that war. This movie is the story of one soldier, Chris Kyle, who became a sniper for the Navy Seals and went to fight in the war in Iraq. – d5150 (IMDB – 7/10)

Directed by Clint Easterwood this pinpoints a lot of intensity that goes into being a sharpshoot in real life, not video games. Still the same thing being something I like, it also encompasses a lot into a military career. Somewhat controversial at the time for multiple reasons, this might be just one more reason to enjoy Bradly Cooper. At 59 million dollars for a budget, it seems like a blockbuster that made over 500 million at the box office.

Getting an origin story, he joins the army after the September 11 attacks. In the land of insurgents, the action is separated into specific missions or general protecting points of interest. Lots of unpredictability which was adapted made the original book by the real-life individual. Then this film is unique in how it is dark and gritty within all the choices in suspense.

There is an ending scene where a cool effect of a sandstorm was very rememberable. Then they conclude fast-forwarding to 2013 demonstrating a trait of post-traumatic stress disorder. Overall it is honestly dated a bit nearly half a decade later. I recommended it to lovers of this type of genre or history, then I don’t care if you give this a miss or disagree with my rating.


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