Get Ready! #Haibun #Poetry

A haibun written by Lee Sonogan

Kingdom City | Get Ready

No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. Andrew Carnegie

Issac Newton’s second law of motion dictates force equals mass times acceleration. This does not mean fucked by the fickle finger of fate. Due to our linguistic language of somewhat spontaneous velocity. Challenging the inertia, I seek the experience of wrangling a war of words. To come up with new practical theories, as easy as dot points. Some people do not know what a healthy debate of concepts is… I could lay the smackdown pitch upon others with a hashtag, then as an in-depth interview does not need a recorder of voice. All the hot takes in the world annoying all sides, my presence based axioms. On trust will not become avoided in actual snippets of something palatable. Enter in with no special sentimental attachment, improv ground rules; go home with a developed generalisation bias like a scientist.

Ripe for the picking,

Just bring it third-degree torque!

Hot pursuit admitting!

I am the product of hustlers who taught me how to do it. They gave me a hustler’s ambition. Not a bad thing to get from your parents. But hustling only gets you so far. You have to trust yourself. And you have to be ready to fall on your face and be okay when it happens. – Jay Pharoah

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