Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery, a documentary review

A documentary review written by Lee Sonogan

(2010) TV, Doco

Westall '66: 50 years on, still stranger than fiction

Westall is under an hour from where I live more closer to the city of Melbourne. This story, claims, conspiracy or whatever you want to call it is no laughing matter having credible sources more than most. I am not going to persuade you about aliens being real but the patterns around the world where sightings occurred surrounding children at a simple standardized test school.

If you went to a primary school out in the country as I did, they had land used for all sorts of different purposes. In 2021 this area where spaceships landed is now a commercial road although the kids back then remembered something there pretty vivid. Apparently, more than 50 children rushed to this location and one person got instantly sick and these metallic objects just flee. Investigating how it was perceived in the media as well, this documentary is compelling for the most part.

Then the next day how the government was sworn in and burnt out large portions of the area was suss as well. I have seen two unidentifiable things in my life within the reeam of physics, who am I to judge these people swearing on something they have never seen before to still remember the associated attachment to the alleged experience.

Like it or not, it is a suspenseful tale in cinematography plus narratives nonetheless. IMDB rates this a 6.5/10 but it deserves a little more than that. I recommend this to anyone who can humour the idea outside their current reality. Or a sceptic that wants to discuss the already key debate topics in the comment section.




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