Lucario Ankle Jerk #Haibun #Poetry

A haibun written by Lee Sonogan

Siganme para mas imagenes de lucario (lucario229) | Cool pokemon  wallpapers, Fighting pokémon, Cute pokemon wallpaper

Lucario’s appearance is based on Egyptian god Anubis. –

Let me answer the question of how we choose to exist inside the Poké Ball. Pocket monsters embrace the coliseum duels between man. In a matter of healthy competition although always leave in a transformational state. Their memory relives these non-turn based culture wars still only four moves apiece. As my genetic irrelevance grasps inner focused steadfastly footwork. As above the meteor mash, the extreme bone rush leaves third party commentary at each bulking calm mind. Know the final gambit over half a mile away reads the difference of super-effective resistance. Forces in this palm contain both a sword’s armed dragon pulse with helping hand’s countering nasty plot.

Achilles tendon,

Spheres of gliding nimbus,

Chi referendum!

When I look back on my knee-jerk reactions now, I realize I should have just taken a breath. – Fred Durst

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