Up, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr36min (2009) Animation, Comedy

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This movie isn’t what I expected. There was a lot of talk about this movie and a lot of hype brought from it during its release year. It’s a great kids film and it even holds a lot of comedy for adults. – Jerique (8/10 – IMDB)

Disney and Pixar’s Up might be the best-animated movie they have made. Almost the full package, it contains wholesome fun like the review above and great context into the archetypes of young and old. Then context surrounding the somewhat fantasy Paradise Falls empathise real threats and stakes. Putting an average blockbuster budget into this, this is one of the few films that nearly reached one billion dollars at the box office (Sixth highest-grossing in 2009).

Starting off very strong we get the origin of our hero’s life that is very brutal. Parodied so much, you have to see if our hero redeemed his promises to his late with. Fast forward and he’s a typical but funny old man about to get evicted because his land is now a city. In a moment of even greater sadness, a plan is set and a boy scout kid is swept up into the madness.

There we land at Paradise Falls in dire straights. But this new world is filled with unique characters nearly equally as amusing as the last. Any more about the story and I shall be giving away spoilers although the bulk not mentioned here is worth judging for yourself. Overall this will not disappoint if you enjoy all types of fiction storytelling in one place.

I recommend watching this one with your kids or solo with a second computer monitor. Ten years later and I am still satisfied enough to remember all its great scenes. In a concluding remark, it might be even as impactful to say it’s one of the key movies from the 21st century currently.




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