Average Utilitarianism #Sonnet #Poetry

A sonnet written by Lee Sonogan

A test of right and wrong must be the means … of ascertaining what is right or wrong … not a consequence of having already ascertained it. – John Stuart Mill

Deontological polyaxiomatics?

Rather than free altruism vs self-control.

Affected individual’s radix,

Maxim moral utility charcoal.

Flue bottleneck models avail ashes,

Still objection hedonistic monsters.

Choose moral happiness pulling punches,

Post-mortem lividity, neo lobsters.

Consequentialism versus pragmatism,

Normative dom rule, tough acts to follow.

Populate ethics’ countless forms of isms,

Applied to social welfare apollo!

Conduct of all human search equally,

How many conjunctions peacefully?

Those who desire virtue for its own sake, desire it either because … it is a pleasure, or because … being without it is a pain – John Stuart Mill



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