Etymology Filicide #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

44.10 matricide patricide parricide filicide prolicide – Forums

“Etymology” is from the Greek and means the study (logia) of the “literal meaning of a word according to its origin” (etymon)…. It can be a huge help in spelling. For instance, people sometimes misspell “iridescent.”… Rather than just try to memorize the spelling, if you look at the etymology—study the entrails of the word—you find that “iris, irid” is a combining form that comes from the Greek Iris, the goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods…. [O]nce you know that “iridescent” comes from Iris, you’ll never spell it wrong.” ― Mary Norris, Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

Affix pedigree.

Conjugal stemma always,

Attest debauchee.

“Anger is the state of mind when a person fails to think properly. He forgets whom he loves, what he cares for, and what he was tasked with. There is just one desire on his mind: to destroy. In his rage, man can destroy anything that is around him.” ― R.J. Parker, Parents Who Killed Their Children: Filicide

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