Semantic Apparatus – Quantum loop states in spin-orbital models on the honeycomb lattice

Cited by Lee Sonogan

An O(n) loop configuration on the honeycomb lattice, together with a... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Abstract by Lucile Savary 

The search for truly quantum phases of matter is a center piece of modern research in condensed matter physics. Quantum spin liquids, which host large amounts of entanglement—an entirely quantum feature where one part of a system cannot be measured without modifying the rest—are exemplars of such phases. Here, we devise a realistic model which relies upon the well-known Haldane chain phase, i.e. the phase of spin-1 chains which host fractional excitations at their ends, akin to the hallmark excitations of quantum spin liquids. We tune our model to exactly soluble points, and find that the ground state realizes Haldane chains whose physical supports fluctuate, realizing both quantum spin liquid like and symmetry-protected topological phases. Crucially, this model is expected to describe actual materials, and we provide a detailed set of material-specific constraints which may be readily used for an experimental realization.

Publication: Nature Communications (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Pub Date: 21 May 2021 Doi: (Plenty more sections, figures and references in the article

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