Pragmatic Apparatus – Why we need a single independent international hypertension clinical practice guideline

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Hypertension: Causes, Diagnosing and Treating High Blood Pressure

Abstract Mohamed Ben-Eltriki,Alan Cassels,Juan Erviti &James M. Wright 

Clinical practice guidelines are assumed to be based on the best available evidence using the principles of evidence-based medicine. Because hypertension is a global problem and the global body of high-quality evidence is available to all, we question the justification for individual countries developing their own guidelines. Unfortunately, many countries have indeed developed and published country-specific hypertension guidelines [1]. We use this fact as an opportunity to explore whether countries use a similar evidence-based process and avoid bias due to conflicts of interest.

Publication Hypertension Research (2021) Peer-Reviewed Journal

Pub Date: 06 April 2021 Doi: (More sections and references in this short Comments & Opinion category)

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