Minority Report, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hr25min (2002) Action, Crime, Mystery

Minority Report movie review & film summary (2002) | Roger Ebert

I think some people just write reviews for sites like this because they like to complain. I find myself wondering if all the gripers here have seen Minority Report. – Dgoodger (IMDB – 2002)

I saw this before I know the difference between the terms minority and majority of the loud or silent versions of it. Reflecting on the Minority Report, it is a science fiction story with so much more context that I can appreciate. Could become considered an underrated gem by Tom Cruise, IMDB describes the movie as. In a future where a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, an officer from that unit is himself accused of a future murder.

Using a plot device being able to predict the future, the investigation into the ending climax draws your attention like no other. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the original story is based on the book ‘The Minority Report’ written in 1956. Capturing the solid sci-fi unpredictability there going for it, it gets deeper than the expected cinematography. More crime and thriller elements to rival the infamous Blade Runner in the same genre when action scenes come makes it only more satisfying.

Ticking a lot of boxes for me, I could elaborate further into particular acting performances. And suspenseful soundtrack implementation choices. I recommend it by the sheer amount of detail obvious and not which is a thought provoke. That is enough to say right now as anything else is a subjective debate I am willing to discuss with anyone!




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